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Name: Christine Herrick
Title: President
Duty: The President is responsible for preparing Branch correspondence, presiding over Branch events, ensuring overall succession of the Branch leadership, and reviewing the Branch ledger.
Stats: She currently works for Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

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Name: David Schaad
Title: Past President
Duty: The Past President is responsible for helping transition the President and President-Elect into their roles, serving on the Board, filling in for President as needed, and organize annual scholarship fundraising event.
Stats: Professor at Duke University

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Name: Keith Rines
Title: President Elect
Duty: The President-Elect is responsible for serving as President in the absence of the President, learning the Branch operations in preparation for being President, developing a strategy and goals for upcoming term as President, coordinating officers for next term, and arranging the speakers for the monthly Branch luncheons.
Stats:  He currently works as a Project Manager at MBP and has two degrees from Virginia Tech. He has over 20 years of experience in construction management. He’s previously served as a Concrete Canoe judge for three Carolinas Conferences.  Mr. Rines has participated in Habit for Humanity and stream cleanup community service projects with ASCE.


Name: Mark Koegel
Title: Treasurer
Duty: The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating the Branch banking account, keeping the Branch ledger balanced and current, coordinating the notifications and reservations for the monthly Branch luncheons, accepting payments and providing receipts at the monthly Branch luncheons, providing payments to the various vendors proving services or products to the Branch, and preparing the annual Branch budget for Board approval.
Stats:  He currently serves as a Civil Engineer and Assistant Project Manager at Kleinfelder.  He has over 7 years experience in a variety of power, industrial, and municipal projects.


Name: Greg Adams
Title: NC State University Practitioner Advisor
Duty: The NCSU Practitioner Advisor is responsible for working closely with students to promote the development of student chapters
Stats: He currently works at Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


Name: Luke Montoya
Title: Web Director
Duty: The Web Master is responsible for preparing content (written and graphical) for presentation on the website or at the luncheons, updating the website to reflect current and upcoming activities, and coordinating the online payment service with the Treasurer.
Stats: He has been performing Geotechnical services since 2001.


Name: Kyle Freehart
Title: Branch Representative
Duty: The Branch Representative is responsible for attending the North Carolina Section ASCE meetings, preparing information from the Section, and reporting information to the Branch from the Section.
Stats:    He is currently working with Kimley-Horn and attending graduate school at NCSU.

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Name: David Skurky
Title: Secretary
Duty: The Secretary is responsible for coordinating the notifications for the monthly Branch luncheons, all email communication to the Eastern Branch, and recording the various events and decisions made by the Branch.
Stats: He currently works as a Senior Stormwater Engineer at Aulick Engineering. He has over 13 years of experience in site design, stormwater management, hydraulic & hydrologic modeling, water resources, and erosion control design.


Name: Aaron Kaatz
Title: Duke University Practitioner Advisor
Duty: The Duke University Practitioner Advisor is responsible for working closely with students to promote the development of student chapters.
Stats: He currently works as a Civil Analyst (Land Development) at Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


Name: Greg Cols
Title: YMG Past President
Duty:  The YMG Past President is responsible for transitioning the YMG Board leadership to the new president and helping the president fulfill the mission of the younger member group – to engage and involve younger ASCE members and graduating students.
Stats: Bridge Engineer at MI Engineering

Name: David Ragan
Title: YMG President

Stats: He currently works at RKK.

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