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EcorasterSouth, LLC presents "How to Save BUA Limits: Park on the Stormwater Pond"

Mr. Chris Yerkes and Mr. Mike Bradley with EcorasterSouth, LLC were presenters for our May monthly ASCE meeting.  Mr. Yerkes educated our chapter about ways to mitigate stormwater issues using pervious pavers as a solution.  Check out the presentation uploaded herein.  Here are some key slides to help navigate through the presentation:

Slide 10  /Grid Expansion considerations and locking for live load distribution

Slide 12 / Grid Run-off Coefficients

Slides 13-14 / Static vs Dynamic Void Space considerations

Slides 12-16 / LDPE benefits

Slides 25-28 / Stormwater ponds you park on

Slides 31-37 / Road Shoulders

Slides 39-43 / Pervious Parking lots