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Land Records Advisory Committee Nomination Request

The North Carolina Secretary of State’s office has asked the ASCE NC Section for three nominees to serve on the Land Records Advisory Committee.  Alex Rankin currently represents the section and is willing to serve another term.  Interested members should contact David Harris, ASCE NC Section President.

About the Land Records Advisory Committee:
North Carolina's legislature created the Lands Records Advisory Committee to assist the Secretary of State in administering the Land Records Management Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage county governments to utilize modern methods, techniques, equipment, and documentation that will improve the quality of public services with respect to land records and achieve a high degree of standardization throughout the state.  Pursuant to G. S. §147-54.3, the program is also charged with providing advice and technical assistance to local governments in implementing and maintaining minimum standards with regard to the following aspects of land records management:
•    Uniform indexing of land records.
•    Uniform recording and indexing procedures for maps, plats, and condominiums.
•    Security and reproduction of land records.

The Committee consists of twelve members, appointed to staggered four-year terms. Nine of the members are appointed from professional associations whose work contribute to the field. Three additional members are appointed from the public at large.