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A Message from the ASCE North Carolina Section President

Welcome Past, Present, and Future Civil Engineer & Advocates,


It is an absolute pleasure to serve as your 2018 – 2019 President for the ASCE North Carolina Section. I started my ASCE career during my undergraduate days at the University of Pittsburgh. Once my career at Kimley-Horn relocated me to Raleigh, I decided to continue my professional growth and immediately got engaged with the professional society again. The initial involvement and desire to contribute within the NC Eastern Branch lead to my Eastern Branch Representative role and eventually shifted my volunteer time to the NC Section board that I am once again privileged to be a part of today.

In such a “business is boomin’ ” and busy time for our industry, I and your Section Board hope to help promote the success of each and every one of our branches, YMGs, and members by creating an inviting, supportive, and responsive environment. Through our bi-annual conferences and monthly meetings, hearing the needs of each part of our section, it is my goal to help all ASCE members prosper in whatever civil engineering field it is they love and contribute to opportunities to learn and grow for the greater good of the public. I also want to impart, as members of such an honorable profession, that we should consciously put into daily practice the eight cannons of the ASCE Code of Ethics:

1) Hold Safety Paramount

2) Service with Competence

3) Issue True Statements

4) Act as a Faithful Agent

5) Reputation by Merit

6) Uphold Professional honor

7) Continue Professional Development

8) Treat All Persons Fairly

Everyone’s time is limited and an extremely valuable investment and therefore anyone that decides to invest theirs into any part of the ASCE NC Section, we hope to make it both fulfilling and worthwhile.

Thanks again for this opportunity and feel free to contact me at

Best regards,

Kyle Freehart, P.E., A. M. ASCE