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E-Week 2019: Call for Engineering Presentations at Elementary Schools

Engineers: Inspiring Wonder - February 17 - 23, 2019

Engineering Week is a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in a world.

To celebrate E-Week, the ASCE-Eastern Branch will give presentations at 2 elementary schools in the Raleigh-Durham area:

- Kingswood Elementary School (200 E Johnson St, Cary, North Carolina 27513) - Thursday, February 21st, from 1 PM to 3 PM. The school has an environmental focus and would like a presentation involving that aspect of Civil Engineering. The 2 presentations will be for 3rd and 4th grade students and will last for about an hour. Kimley Horn will be giving one of the presentations. We are in need of 1 or 2 volunteers to do the other presentation.

- Weatherstone Elementary School (1000 Olde Weatherstone Way, Cary, North Carolina 27513): Wednesday, February 20th, from 1 PM to 3 PM. The 3rd grade students have a unit on plants and the environment. The 4th grade students have a unit on engineering a bridge over a river. The 2 presentations will only last for about an hour. We are in need of volunteers to do both presentations.

The presentations will be done in a classroom. Consider volunteering for this event as it is a great opportunity to promote civil engineering in our communities and share our engineering experiences to children, educators, and parents.

If you would like to volunteer for this event or have any questions, please email Cole Koffi