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The North Carolina Section offers four scholarships to Sophomore or Junior students enrolled in an ABET-Accredited Civil Engineering program in North Carolina:  One "Scholarship of Distinction" with a $6,500 award and three "General Scholarship" awards of $2,500 each.

Here are the general guidelines, which are subject to change:

  • Each University will be responsible for selecting and submitting to ASCE one candidate from their respective University for a scholarship.

  • The applicant is required to be a Sophomore or Junior enrolled in an ABET-Accredited Civil Engineering Program Student Chapter and National ASCE Member with proven active involvement in ASCE.

  • Nominations for all ASCE scholarships are generally due in mid-April.

  • Each scholarship candidate (one from each University) is expected to attend an interview for the Scholarship of Distinction. It is typically held during the first week of May. The location varies by year, but has historically been held in Greensboro, Asheville, Charlotte, or Raleigh. The ASCE Scholarship selection committee will conduct the interviews and select one winner for the Scholarship of Distinction, and three for the General Scholarships.

  • Scholarship winners will be recognized at the ASCE NC Section Annual Fall Conference, which is typically in September.

  • Nominations are to be submitted electronically in one PDF containing the entire application, attachments, and endorsements. The file name should include the name of the applicant and university name.

  • The applicant is required to provide an official grade transcript (through the fall semester), the applicant’s self-appraisal and statement regarding why he/she should receive the scholarship, an ASCE faculty advisor’s and two other faculty members’ appraisals of the applicant, and a recent photo of applicant.

  • Formal announcement of the scholarship application period is provided to the various North Carolina universities in March and the selection is typically made by June.

  • The value and quantity of awards may change from year to year. ASCE North Carolina reserves the right to discontinue or change the scholarship program at any time.

  • Applications received outside of the application period will not be considered.

Prospective applicants can download a previous version of the application, but it will likely change from year to year.  The final form will be provided directly to the universities in North Carolina with an ABET-Accredited Civil Engineering program.