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Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Original bridge completed in 1895.  The construction is based on General Herman Haupt's patent for the Improved Lattice Bridge.  The Bunker Hill Covered Bridge is the only remaining example of Herman Haupt's 1839 patent for the Improved Lattice Bridge.  It is the oldest of only two remaining covered bridges in North Carolina and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is located approximately one mile east of a former stagecoach stop.


"The unusual Haupt Truss design was patented in 1839, and two modified examples are still standing.  General Haupt, a Pennsylvanian, was a noted bridge engineer and designer who graduated from West Point and became Chief of Military Railroads during the Civil War.  His patents show a panel-type truss using single-latticed diagonal braces, each spanning three short panels and also braced with a full-length kingpost, serving in place of an arch.  A number of bridges were built indifferent sections of the country, but only two remain.  One of these is in Thetford, VT, and has 4-foot panels.  A set of single outside braces each overlap two panel posts; there is an inside arch.  The other bridge, Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, is located in a park in Claremont, NC, where double diagonal braces are placed at either side of the posts to span only two 4-foot panels.  There is no arch."

"American Wooden Bridges, "ASCE Publication No. 4, 1976, ASCE, p.136."

"The Bunker Hill Bridge is North Carolina's only true wooden truss covered bridge, and also has the distinction of being only one of two remaining Haupt Trusses left in the country.  It spans Lyle Creek with a length of 85 feet and is located east of Claremont, NC near a roadside park of old Route 64/70.  It was completely restored in 1994 and is closed to automobile traffic."

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