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Laurel Creek Bridge

Bridge on I-26 over Laurel Creek & SR 1318 in Madison County, North Carolina

Laurel Creek Bridge.jpeg

The four-lane structure will carry Interstate 26 traffic over a 250-foot deep gorge (Laurel Creek) in mountainous terrain between the City of Asheville, North Carolina and the North Carolina-Tennessee state line when completed.  The 970-foot long, 97-foot wide, five-span, continuous steel plate girder structure is to be supported by hammerhead-shaped, cast-in-place concrete piers as high as 210 feet.  The singlehollow shaft piers are designed for seismic forces per AASHTO Seismic Tall Performance Category B.

To protect the bridge piers, permanent top-down walls are located on the up-slope side to retain overburden material, including colluvium.