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Toxaway Falls Bridge

Transylvania, North Carolina

In the mountainous region of Transylvania County, a new bridge was built to replace a 1920s bridge that was very narrow.  The new bridge over Toxaway Falls was constructed to enhance the visibility of the falls and preserve the natural surroundings, including a massive exposed rock underneath the bridge.

To keep the earth from spilling into the massive granite bedrock, the North Carolina Department of Transportation constructed reinforced earth walls on both sides of U.S. 64.  In addition, the department tinted the base of the walls to match the color of the exposed rock.

To enhance visibility, metal bar rails were installed along the sides of the bridge - allowing people to get a breathtaking view of Toxaway Falls.  Cascading 240 feet down the granite face of the valley, the river is part of the winding Waterfall Scenic Byway along U.S. 64.