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2014-2015 Eastern Branch Officers

The Elections are closed!  The board for 2014-2015 is as follows.
President: Mahalingam Bahiradhan (Bahi), P.E.
President-Elect: Michael Siburt, P.E.
Past-President: Janelle Griffin, P.E.
Treasurer: Mark Koegel, E.I.T.  (2nd year of 2-year term)
Secretary: David Skurky, P.E. (1st year of 2-year term)
Branch Rep: Christyn Fertenbaugh, E.I. (1st year of 2-year term)
Branch Rep: Kyle Phinney, P.E. (2nd year of 2-year term)
Web Director: Luke Montoya, P.E.
Younger Member Group Coordinator: Derek Dussek, E.I.
Younger Member Group Co-Coordinator: Matt Alexander, P.E.
NC State University Practitioner Advisor: Christine Nguyen, E.I.
Duke University Practitioner Advisor: Ethan Hill, E.I.T.